Our Latest Venture: APPlied

As you may have figured out by now, Shawn and I are quite passionate about technology, in general, and mobile technology, specifically. Today we are pleased to announce a new venture we are embarking on called the APPlied group.

This is a club that we are forming at our high school alma mater for current students interested in technology and developing mobile applications. Shawn has been in talks with the principal at our high school, Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, for quite a while now trying to come up with ideas for ways that we can help them technologically. For example, creating an app for the school, helping them start a technology club, a robotics club, and the list goes on a little longer than that.

In September, we attended the 360iDev Conference in Denver. After a few discussions that took place over the course of that week, I returned home enthusiastic about helping young people learn about possible careers that they can have related to technology and mobile development, particularly young women. Having a 16 year old sister beginning her college search, who is particularly adept at various forms of technology, this hits close to home. I want to find ways to show her (and other girls) how many choices they have when it comes to working in a technology related field.

Once Shawn knew I was on board, we pitched our idea of starting and leading a technology club at PHSCFA to the principal. He loved our idea and agreed to support our new venture. So we set off thinking about the scope of the project and what we wanted to cover with these students. Then, it came across the desk of the principal that the county was to be sponsoring a game development contest called Project LiVE (Learning in Virtual Environments). Needless to say, this was a perfect opportunity for us! It was just in time for us to develop some ideas for content related to app development and to be able to help the students actually develop a game throughout the course of the year.

We are totally excited about this opportunity and meeting some of the students and staff at PHSCFA. We have our first meeting on Monday afternoon and you can definitely expect to hear more about this as we go through the process and work with the students.

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