About Us

We are a creative app development company made up of teachers, families, and geeks. Our primary goal is to help kids learn. We want to promote technology as a means of learning and make games and apps that make learning fun for kids, and their parents and teachers. We aim to develop apps and create a community in order to bridge the gap between teachers and parents in the interest of children and their education.

Another goal we have here at Campfire Apps is to bring families closer together. We do this by providing enjoyable apps that families can use together. We also strive to create ways to make it easier and more pleasant to help children practice and learn new skills. We hope that our apps will give families new ways to spend time together and will help in making sure they have more time to do so.

We have many ways in which we support children, families, and teachers. Our main focus is building iPhone and iPad apps for learning, organization, and family fun. We also sponsor an app development club for high school students. The APPlied Club project is something we are very passionate about and use it as a way to introduce teens to possible career paths and valuable skills that will be helpful to them no matter what career they choose. You can read more about APPlied Club on the site for this project:


You can also read more about us in a variety of press resources that have featured Campfire Apps on our In the Press page:

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