APPlied Club

Campfire Apps is proud to sponsor the APPlied Club. APPlied Club is an after-school club designed to teach high school students valuable career skills through the process of app development.

APPlied Club encourages teens to become producers versus consumers. We also help to teach students about possible careers in technology and mobile development. The mobile development field is so young and offers so many opportunities in a variety of related areas: design, marketing, writing, and of course, programming, and we want to introduce students to the possibilities available in this field. Most importantly, APPlied Club aims to demonstrate and instill project-based learning outcomes such as task management, cooperation, collaboration, and evaluation which are skills crucial to success in college and any career students may find themselves in.

APPlied Club is able to reach students on their level. We have taken the technology to them. Students interact every day with their electronic devices and know so much about how to use them, but sometimes know very little about the work that goes into creating those user experiences. We hope to give them a better understanding and appreciation for the process of developing new technologies while promoting feelings of pride and excitement in their own creations.

The APPlied Club program is currently being executed as an after school club at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts in Baltimore County as a pilot, but we hope to be able to offer options for expanding to other schools very soon.

Learn more about the APPlied Club program on our website: