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Henry’s Spooky Headlamp Version 2 is Now Available!

Henry’s Spooky Headlamp – Version Two is now available for download in the iTunes App Store and the NOOK Bookstore™ by Barnes & Noble!

This is the first Version Two of one of our apps we have done and it was much needed! As you may recall, Version One of Henry’s Spooky Headlamp was the first app that we released. It was released right before Halloween last year and was definitely due for an update.

Our original title screen for Henry’s Spooky Headlamp, v.1

The updated title screen for Henry’s Spooky Headlamp v.2

We made quite a few improvements to the already engaging game. Some of those include updated artwork, a better user interface and user experience, and a couple of new spooky surprises. The most notable improvement has been a brand new, fully interactive Prize Scene, much like the Prize Scene in Henry’s Summer Headlamp.

New and improved Prize Scene

The new Prize Scene consists of two screens. The first screen you see as soon as you finish the game and this is where you choose your prize for that round. (Note: You can only choose one prize piece at a time, the more you play, the more pieces you can earn toward your creation). The second screen is where you can manipulate your pieces to create an awesome jack-o-lantern art masterpiece! Once your creation is complete, you can save a photo of your masterpiece to your device. Once you have the image saved, you can share it with family and friends just like you would any other picture!

An example of a jack-o-lantern prize creation.

Other important updates include Retina artwork to optimize the game for all iOS devices and iPhone 5 compatibility.

Henry’s Spooky Headlamp v.2 is fully compatible with iPhone 5!

If you are looking for a fun way to get your child excited about Halloween, download the new version of Henry’s Spooky Headlamp for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or NOOK Color™ or NOOK Tablet™ today! Looking for more information about the game? Visit our Henry’s Spooky Headlamp page, which has links to download from both the iTunes App Store and the NOOK Bookstore™ by Barnes & Noble.

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360iDev with the Campfire Apps team!


Our 360iDev Pals – Ray & Vicki Wenderlich and Brandon Trebitowski

On Sepetember 8th, the Campfire Apps team jumped on a plane and headed to Denver! We were there from the 8th through the 13th for the 360iDev conference. This conference is a place where iOS developers from all over the United States (& World) can come together for one week to learn new things, meet new people, and have a great time. We did a lot throughout the week, we even took a trip to the top of  the mountain, Pikes Peak, which is over 14,000 feet high.


Steph, Shawn, & Courtney – The Campfire Apps Team – at the top of Pike’s Peak

On Tuesday night, we participated in the 360iDev Game Jam. This was an awesome event hosted by some of the attendees of the conference. During the day on Tuesday we received a theme for the Game Jam – “Growth” – and after dinner settled in for an evening of programming, design, and all around fun. The Game Jam started around 7:00 pm and participants had until 9:00 am Wednesday to create at least a prototype of a game to share with the group Wednesday afternoon.


Our Game Jam table: Brandon, Shawn, & Courtney

Our game was (tentatively) called “Present Drop” and the goal of the game is to ‘grow’ a tower of gifts as tall as possible without knocking it over or losing too many gifts along the way. As you might have guessed, our game is also holiday-themed, which was a lot of fun. Here is a peek at what the title screen looks like for our game:

This was our first time participating in the Game Jam, and we will definitely be participating again next year! We had so much fun working quickly to get our game ready. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in such a short period of time when you just sit down and focus on it.

360iDev is an awesome opportunity for iOS developers to get together, talk shop and experience this amazing community. We have really been impressed the last two years that we have attended and have made a lot of new friends through this conference. We left the conference with so much inspiration, and so many new ideas! The Campfire Apps team has been brainstorming, so be on the look out for new goodies soon!

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Caddy2Go is Now Available!

Our latest app, Caddy2Go, a mini golf scorekeeping app, is now available for download in the iTunes App Store!

You can download it for FREE! But only for a limited time. Get it now, you won’t want to miss out on this great app for your summer vacations with family and friends.

You can read more about the app and see screenshots on our Caddy2Go page or you can hop over to our Facebook page for a little celebration we are having today.

Look for this icon in the App Store today to get started on mini golf fun for this summer!

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Sneak Peek of Our New App

Our new app will be released this Friday and we could not be more excited. This project has been in the works since last summer and we worked really hard to get this done and ready for this coming season.

We are thrilled to share a sneak peek of our new app, Caddy2Go, with you today!

Caddy2Go is an awesome miniature golf scorekeeping app with lots of exciting features!

The team here at Campfire Apps loves to play mini golf and spend a lot of our summer doing just that in Ocean City, MD. We have tried some other scorekeeping apps out there, and they just don’t cut it. We wanted something that looks awesome when you open it and gives you some functionality beyond just keeping score. Since we spend so much of our time playing mini golf (or putt-putt) we take a lot of photos. So try and picture this…

We are on the mini golf course, carrying a putter and golf ball, a paper scorecard, a pencil that is just too tiny, and a camera or our iPhone. Now, how is the scorekeeper ever supposed to make a great shot if they have all pf this stuff weighing them down?

Caddy2Go solves a lot of these problems! For starters, you always have your phone so it only seemed logical to use that to keep score with. Then, we added an in-app camera, so you don’t have to close the app to take photos of your friends doing crazy things on the golf course. Finally, we added fun achievements that you can unlock just by playing the game the way you normally would. You can earn the “Ace!” badge for getting a Hole in One or the “Most Strokes for Your Buck!” badge for, well, scoring much higher than a Hole in One. After playing, you can see how you ad the other players ranked and what achievements everyone earned, then you can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter, or via email.

Let’s take a closer look…

Select players from your Contacts, then easily assign each a ball color

Simple score input and uncluttered scorecard. Keep score for up to 8 players at a time.

At game's end, review all of the achievements earned by each player.

Again, Caddy2Go will be released on Friday. To celebrate it’s launch, we will be hosting a Launch Party on our Facebook page all day on Friday! You are all invited to attend.

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Insquared UnConference

This past Saturday Shawn, Stephanie, and I attended the “Insquared: Inclusive Innovation Unconference” at MICA in Baltimore. It was the first “unconference” that any of us had ever attended, and we had a great time! Each of us took away so much from the conference, and we’ve all been talking about it since we left!

We had the opportunity to listen and discuss multiple topics, including youth entrepreneurship and technology in the Baltimore area school systems. Shawn and Stephanie also presented their own session, “An Introduction to Mobile App Development.” They both did a great job presenting, and there were many people interested in the topic.

One of the best parts of the day was hearing from two great keynote speakers. In the morning we heard a talk from Tara Hunt about her own life experiences and how she has never given up to make it to where she is today. In the afternoon we heard from New York Times Bestseller, Baratunde Thurston, about his bestselling book, “How To Be Black“, and a general overview of his life and accomplishments. Both speakers were phenomenal and totally inspiring!

Overall, we were all able to learn a lot from this conference and we can’t wait to experience other conferences like this one!

ETA (from Stephanie): Shawn and I were very honored to be asked to present at this conference. It was an awesome event put on by the Greater Baltimore Tech Council (gbtc) and MICA. Perhaps the most rewarding element was seeing how many students attended the event. We had students from KIPP, Digital Harbor High, and our own Courtney and all of them were well-spoken, involved in the conversations, and inspiring. I know that it would have been difficult for me as a high school student to attend an event such as this and participate in the ways that the students did this past weekend.

We very much look forward to similar events in the future, as Courtney said, we had a great time and took away so many nuggets on knowledge, thought, and inspiration.

For anyone who is interested, Shawn posted the slides from our talk “An Intro to Mobile App Development” on his website, ShawnsBits.com. Please check them out, there are a TON of links to good resources and information contained in the presentation.

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PHS Connect is now Available!

The Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts APPlied Club officially has an app in the App Store! The PHS Connect app has been approved by Apple and it’s now available for free in the iTunes App Store here. The students in the APPlied club have worked very hard to release their first app, and we encourage you to take the time to install the app for your device to see the result of their hard work.

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Campfire App Newsletter

Are you signed up for the Campfire Apps Newsletter?! If not, you should be! Be the first to find out about new releases and other information! We send out a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with what we’re doing. The monthly newsletter shares highlights from the blog and updates from what we’re working on. You can sign up to receive the newsletter here. We hope you’ll consider signing up to receive this bonus content from Campfire Apps!

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PHS Connect

As of February 14th, The APPlied Club at Patapsco High School has submitted their first app to Apple! The PHS Connect app is an app that the students in the club created for Patapsco. Within the app you can find out information about the school such as the calendar of events, links to the school’s social pages, and a direct link to the school’s Edline page. The club worked together in order to decide what features would be included in the app. They thought of the things that most students, parents, and faculty would look for, and went from there. It took them lots of work and effort, but the app is finally complete!

Within the app there are specific pages included such as a calendar of events, social links, a link to the school’s Edline, a news feed, an about page, and Patriot Pride which focuses on the recent achievements of the school.


Social Links










Patriot Pride

To see the rest of the app you’ll have to wait until it’s released to the app store! We look forward to sharing it with all of you, let’s hope the app is approved on the first try!

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Apple Introduces Textbook App

Apple has recently released a new app “iBooks2″ which is available for free through iTunes. It’s very similar to the original “iBooks” app, but the new version contains a section that is specifically geared towards students. Users will be able to see 3D images and rotate them for better understanding. Also, students can highlight and bookmark on the pages and create their own study cards within the app. There are a few reviews of the app in the Apple store and many people seem very excited about textbooks being available. One says that there is more detail included in these books than the paper versions. I think this app is a great idea! I haven’t used it yet, but it seems so helpful and I can’t wait to try it out. Once I get to college I’m sure that I’ll be using this app because I’d rather carry around an iPhone or an iPad instead of multiple 5 pound paper textbooks. If you want to learn more about this new app you can visit The Online Mom or The iBooks page in the App Store.

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We Need Testers!

Campfire Apps is working on a new game and we’re looking for testers! All you have to do is fill out a quick survey and you’re set! If you’re a parent you can go to the Families page to get started. We are also looking for teachers to test. If you’re a teacher and you are interested in becoming a tester you can follow this link to the Teachers page. And lastly, we need Kindle Fire Users. You can find out all of the information you need by following the links given. We hope to hear from you soon!

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