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Henry’s Beach Friends

In case you missed our announcement earlier this week, we are hard at work on a new Henry’s Headlamp game!

This latest version will have a summer theme and will take place on the beach! (Does it get any better than that?) We already shared a sneak peek of what Henry will look like in the new game, but today we want to share a little more with you.

We are pleased to introduce some of the new characters that will appear in Henry’s Summer Headlamp:


Which is your favorite?

The new game will feature all of these great beach friends and a bunch of familiar summer hidden objects for you and your family to enjoy finding together! Stay tuned for updates about a release date for Henry’s Summer Headlamp!

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New Character Sneak Peek

The Campfire Apps team is happy to share our new character with you today. Meet Brynn in sketch form:

Brynn is the star of our next series of games for children. She is inspired by our very own niece Brynn who, at the time of this post, is only eight months old. But we really enjoyed having our first character, Henry, based off a real life Henry so we figured we would give it another try with our first female character as well.

Right now, we have a series of at least two games that Brynn will be featured in. The production of the first of these games is almost complete and we can’t wait to share more about our exciting new game and series with you.

This sketch will have to do for now though. Enjoy!

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Toy Story Reenactment

I didn’t intend to share anything today, but when I saw this post on Gizmodo, I couldn’t help but share this with you all. Ever since the first Toy Story movie came out, I couldn’t help but watch those movies completely suspended from reality, except not quite…I more felt submerged in a possible reality. The amazing artwork and technique from Pixar made my childhood toys actually come to life. I always felt that if my Mr. Potato Head or Slinky Dog toy had really come to life, this is exactly what they would look like, sound like, and act like. The Toy Story movies are so dear to me personally and this is an amazing and dedicated tribute to the impact these movies have had on multiple generations of people.

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Meet Henry (and his Magic Headlamp)!

Today, we would like to formally introduce you to someone you may be seeing a lot of in the future. This is Henry…

Henry is the main character of our new app. Well not just Henry, his headlamp too!

Henry is a little guy who loves big adventures. He is loosely inspired by someone we know in real life, our own dear little Henry.

These are the sketches of Henry done by our designer, Susie, before he was made digital. Susie is quite the artist and a few weeks ago, I got to see her bring Henry to life in these drawings right before my eyes. Before that day, Henry was just a character we had talked a little about, he didn’t really have a personality or a look to him. Susie has really helped to bring the character we had in mind to life.

I can’t tell you exactly what the app is just yet, you will have to wait until next week to find that out. However, I can tell you that Henry is very busy preparing to delight and entertain his new friends!

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