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Henry’s Spooky Headlamp Version 2 is Now Available!

Henry’s Spooky Headlamp – Version Two is now available for download in the iTunes App Store and the NOOK Bookstore™ by Barnes & Noble!

This is the first Version Two of one of our apps we have done and it was much needed! As you may recall, Version One of Henry’s Spooky Headlamp was the first app that we released. It was released right before Halloween last year and was definitely due for an update.

Our original title screen for Henry’s Spooky Headlamp, v.1

The updated title screen for Henry’s Spooky Headlamp v.2

We made quite a few improvements to the already engaging game. Some of those include updated artwork, a better user interface and user experience, and a couple of new spooky surprises. The most notable improvement has been a brand new, fully interactive Prize Scene, much like the Prize Scene in Henry’s Summer Headlamp.

New and improved Prize Scene

The new Prize Scene consists of two screens. The first screen you see as soon as you finish the game and this is where you choose your prize for that round. (Note: You can only choose one prize piece at a time, the more you play, the more pieces you can earn toward your creation). The second screen is where you can manipulate your pieces to create an awesome jack-o-lantern art masterpiece! Once your creation is complete, you can save a photo of your masterpiece to your device. Once you have the image saved, you can share it with family and friends just like you would any other picture!

An example of a jack-o-lantern prize creation.

Other important updates include Retina artwork to optimize the game for all iOS devices and iPhone 5 compatibility.

Henry’s Spooky Headlamp v.2 is fully compatible with iPhone 5!

If you are looking for a fun way to get your child excited about Halloween, download the new version of Henry’s Spooky Headlamp for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or NOOK Color™ or NOOK Tablet™ today! Looking for more information about the game? Visit our Henry’s Spooky Headlamp page, which has links to download from both the iTunes App Store and the NOOK Bookstore™ by Barnes & Noble.

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Anniversary Celebration – A New Game and a Sale!

We have some exciting news as we wrap our week-long anniversary celebration! We have a new app in the App Store! Well, technically it is an updated version of an older app. Just in time for our anniversary we are re-releasing Henry’s Spooky Headlamp!

Version Two is chock-full of updates – new artwork, an interactive new prize system, and a few spooky surprises! The new version is also optimized for Retina iPad and the brand new iPhone 5! You can download the game for iOS or learn more about Henry’s Spooky Headlamp. The game is a great deal at only 99¢!

However, the fun doesn’t stop there…

For one day only – Saturday – all of the other games in our Henry suite will be FREE! That’s right, to finish out our anniversary celebration Henry’s Winter Headlamp, Henry’s Smart Headlamp, and Henry’s Summer Headlamp will all be available for free download – TOMORROW! (Note: This sale applies only to the iOS versions of our games and does not include Henry’s Spooky Headlamp). We ask nothing in return except that if you enjoy one of the games, please consider leaving us a review in the App Store.

You can find all of the apps by visiting the following links:

Henry’s Winter Headlamp





Henry’s Smart Headlamp





Henry’s Summer Headlamp





Thank you so much for all of your support during our first year! It has been an amazing year and we are very much looking forward to the next year.

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Happy Holidays from Campfire Apps!

We have been quite busy here at Campfire working hard to end the year with a bang! We are very pleased to have gotten three apps finished this year and submitted into the App Store. Our Henry suite of games is not yet complete, but we have enjoyed sharing these with you. We would like to celebrate these apps with you by reviewing our timeline and giving a little bit of background information on the apps.

First of all, Henry is a character that is inspired by our dear friends’ first baby. The “real” Henry is only 6 months old, but we loved the idea of making our first main character for a game have some personal connection.

In October, we released Henry’s Spooky Headlamp, our first app under the new company, Campfire Apps. Spooky Henry (as we refer to it within the company) was a Halloween themed game featuring a host of spooky, kid-friendly characters and graphics. We created a unique seek-and-find interface with a cool spotlight feature and hidden objects. For this game, we had a soundtrack created by a local musician, Jordan Fritz, and the voice-over was done by Shawn’s cousin, Matt Cole. This was not our first idea for a Henry game, but we wanted to see what it was like to release a seasonal game. Our next app, Smart Henry, would be pretty close to our original idea.

In late November, we released Henry’s Smart headlamp, which was a learning game focused on early learning skills. Players are able to choose to practice lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers 1-20, and basic shapes and colors. For Smart Henry, we used a professional sound studio for the voice-over and soundtrack, Clean Cuts studio in Baltimore. In this new game to the Henry suite of games, we created 3 backgrounds that all depict a nighttime scene. This was a fun game to work on, and for me, as a previous Kindergarten teacher, this was a great way to use all that I know about early education and be able to transfer it to my new job!

In early December, we released our third and final app for the year, Henry’s Winter Headlamp. This is much like Spooky Henry and is obviously seasonal. We were excited to share a new version of Henry, dressed and ready for winter fun! He now sports a cute fuzzy winter hat under his headlamp, long pants, and a scarf, mittens, and jacket. In this version, Henry is searching through a two different winter scenes for a slew of frosty friends and objects. We chose a fun soundtrack with jingle bells and used the same voice-over as Smart Henry.

It has been such a pleasure to work on these apps this year and we are really excited for all of the possibilities for next year. We are not done yet with our Henry suite of apps, we still have a few more ideas we want to try, but we will be introducing a new character in the New Year and new apps to go along with this new character. So keep your eye out for new products from us in the New Year!

It has been a great first year for Campfire Apps and would like to thank you all for your support and help in spreading the word about our company and our products. As you may have guessed, we will be taking a little break over the holidays to spend time with our families and gear up for the New Year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you from all of us!

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Roundup: Halloween Apps for Families

Well with our spooky holiday just days away, I thought it would be a great time to sneak in a few last minute suggestions for apps that you and your family may enjoy this Halloween. While we are certainly not the first site to create a list of favorite apps for the Halloween season, we still would like to give our readers a few ideas in case you might have missed any of the other lists.

1. The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

As a former teacher, my students LOVED to hear this story this time of year as much as I loved to read it to them, so I was quite pleased to find this in the Halloween apps. This interactive book is available for both the iPhone and the iPad, although I prefer the iPad version, as it give you a much bigger screen to interact with. There are three options for the story, Auto-Play, Read it Myself, and Read to Me. All are great options and cater to different age groups, making this an app that will appeal to a whole range of children (and adults). The interactive book features pleasing illustrations and fun interactions when you tap on the pictures. The best thing about books is that while they may be intended for a specific time of year, children really love to read them all year long so for a mere $0.99 you have a wonderful story that your children will love to hear over and over for a long time to come.

Details:  Price: $0.99 Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

2. Carve-a-Pumpkin

This app from Parents Magazine is great for kids! First, you get to choose your pumpkin to carve from 5 different types of pumpkins. Then you can choose to “Cut” or “Decorate” your pumpkin. The “Cut” option allows you to carve the pumpkin with your finger or choose from a library of already created eyes, noses, mouths, or faces. The “Decorate” option allows you to decorate your pumpkin with designs similar to stickers. When you have finished your pumpkin, it automatically adds a glowing candlelight inside and gives you quite a few backgrounds upon which to place your pumpkin. Then you are able to save it as a photo or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email it to someone. I think this app would be great for the time leading up to Halloween as a way to practice some of your pumpkin carving designs first, before the big night. I also think this would be great for younger kids who have a hard time letting the holidays go, since they would be able to “carve” pumpkins long after Halloween is gone and the real pumpkins have all been bought.

Details: Price: FREE Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

3. Wood Puzzle Halloween HD

This app is a wonderful app for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s a puzzle app featuring 15 different Halloween themed wooden-type puzzles. First you can choose your puzzle, then you “shake” to scatter the pieces. As you correctly place the puzzle pieces back into the frame, there is a clicking sound to let you know it’s in the correct spot. The graphics on this app are so adorable and kid friendly, you definitely have to check out the screenshots for this app. Again, this is one of those types of apps that while it is Halloween themed, kids who enjoy puzzles will love this all year long. Seriously, check out the screenshots in the app store, SO CUTE!

Details: Price: $0.99 Devices: iPad only

4. Tap-a-Lot HD: Halloween Special Edition

This game is addictive and fun! This would be a great game for nearly all members of your family, no matter what age. The purpose of the game is to tap and “Pop” as many bubbles as possible to earn as many points as possible. Various bubbles contain different objects such as numbers of coins, treats, and bugs. But beware, the bugs will end your game instantly! This game features kid-friendly “spooky” graphics and easy game play. Beware, however, this game does include some in-app purchase options so make sure to review your guidelines for such things with your child before they play.

Details: Price: FREE (does contain optional in-app purchases) Devices: iPad only

5. Facinate – Halloween

This app is so much fun! I can see this being a big hit with the pre-teen crowd. The app allows you to import a photo or take a new photo of someone and then add a bunch of objects to the photo to make a silly or spooky Halloween picture. You can add all sorts of objects: eyes, noses, mouths, accessories and then add a frame to finish off your picture. Then you can save it to your photo album, email it to someone, or upload it to Facebook. I find that apps similar to this can provide hours of non-stop laughter and hilarity from the fun combinations you can create. Definitely a good recommendation for lots of age groups. Younger kids love to see themselves in photos, and I can imagine that this would be pretty funny to them.

I just HAD to try this out, so I figured I would share my creation with you. Enjoy!

Details: Price: $0.99 Devices: iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

BONUS: Henry’s Spooky Headlamp

Campfire Apps is pleased that our first app was released just in time for the Halloween season, if you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the perfect time! It is a great seek and find game for preschoolers available for FREE on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can find it here on our website, on the Henry’s Spooky Headlamp page or in the App Store.



So there you have it, 6 great recommendations for Halloween (and beyond) to help extend the holiday fun for you and your family. If you have other great suggestions for the masses that you would like to share, please do so in the comments. If you try one of these out, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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Henry’s Spooky Headlamp is available in the App Store!

We are so excited to announce that our first app, Henry’s Spooky Headlamp, is now available in the App Store! You can learn all about our app on our website, on the Henry’s Spooky Headlamp page under the Our Apps tab. You can also go straight to the App Store from our site where you can download the game for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for FREE!! Yes, you heard me right, FREE! Go ahead, check it out today, if you like it, please rate it and maybe consider leaving a review! We love feedback from our customers.

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