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Henry’s Beach Friends

In case you missed our announcement earlier this week, we are hard at work on a new Henry’s Headlamp game!

This latest version will have a summer theme and will take place on the beach! (Does it get any better than that?) We already shared a sneak peek of what Henry will look like in the new game, but today we want to share a little more with you.

We are pleased to introduce some of the new characters that will appear in Henry’s Summer Headlamp:


Which is your favorite?

The new game will feature all of these great beach friends and a bunch of familiar summer hidden objects for you and your family to enjoy finding together! Stay tuned for updates about a release date for Henry’s Summer Headlamp!

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Henry Goes to the Beach!

Here at Campfire Apps, we see the change of seasons as an opportunity for change and a fresh look at things. The change of seasons is always so exciting and as a Kindergarten teacher, this meant time for new classroom decorations and thematic activities and projects. I don’t think I am quite ready to let that go yet!

We are very happy to share that we are working on a new themed project in the studio these days! Our beloved Henry (from most of our other games) is getting a fresh look for the summer.

Henry looks ready to hit the beach, what do you think?

We have been hard at work to make this new version of Henry’s Headlamp available to you as soon as possible. We are hoping that it will be released before the end of July! Until then, we hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peek of our friend Henry!

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New Character Sneak Peek

The Campfire Apps team is happy to share our new character with you today. Meet Brynn in sketch form:

Brynn is the star of our next series of games for children. She is inspired by our very own niece Brynn who, at the time of this post, is only eight months old. But we really enjoyed having our first character, Henry, based off a real life Henry so we figured we would give it another try with our first female character as well.

Right now, we have a series of at least two games that Brynn will be featured in. The production of the first of these games is almost complete and we can’t wait to share more about our exciting new game and series with you.

This sketch will have to do for now though. Enjoy!

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Sneak Peek: Henry’s Smart Headlamp

We have been busy working away here at Campfire Apps on a brand new game and today we are happy to be able to share a little sneak peek with you. Our new game is called Henry’s Smart Headlamp.

If you enjoyed Henry’s Spooky Headlamp for Halloween, than you will certainly enjoy this new game featuring our adventurous night-owl, Henry. In this new version, Henry ventures out into different nighttime scenes in search of letters, numbers, and shapes and colors with help from his trusty headlamp and your child.

This is a great game for preschoolers and young children to practice identifying uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, shapes and colors. The game can be used as review or introduction to these early learning skills.

The app will be available shortly for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. We are super excited about this new app and can’t wait to share it with you!

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